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June 8th, 2006

The next step @ 02:21 pm

Mood: contemplative contemplative
Music: some Loreena McKennit song

Okay, time for me to drill you:

1) What would you like to see in this community?

2) What is your opinion on potential gatherings or group activities?

I've already gotten some criticism over creating this community, but the number of members alone is enough to make me push that aside. It does sadden me that some would think that because I've done this, I think them to be homophobic or anything on that line. Like I've stated in my replies to them, I wouldn't be in those communities if I thought that.

I know most of you from the other Runescape communities and I trust that we can make this into something. If it fails, then it fails, but we can only take it one day at a time.

Okay, that's my mini-pedestal. Now, I need to hear what you all would like ^_^

Intro @ 12:02 am

Mood: accomplished accomplished
Music: the television

Yes, I said on the user info page that this wouldn't begin until there were more people involved. I take it back ;) This entry will be somewhat brief seeing that everything is still in the works.

I'm two_of_wands, also known as Diedre479 in game.

What do I want to achieve with this post? A little more solidarity, activity, and gaming friendship. Even in an online game, we need greater means to be ourselves.

This is the first community I've ever created and moderated. I need 2-4 moderators and I may or may not need a fellow maintainer. I'm going to try to be the sole maintainer for now, but if I can't do it alone I'll turn to one of you. Please refer to this link for the responsibilities:

That's it for now. Happy gaming ^_^

Edit: I've decided to try this community unmoderated. However, if you'd like to be a mod should the need come up, please reply to this post.