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Runescape LGBTQ
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Another facet of a pixelated world.
Runescape_lgbt is intended to be a safe zone to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, queer and questioning Runescape players. It is also open to any friends and supporters of the lgbtq... community.

Even in a pixellated game, sexuality does come up. This is your place to talk about it. We're listening.
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Now for the Rules -

1) Play nice and respect the members. If you have insults and closed minded remarks, take them elsewhere. Also, if you don't like what this community represents, then don't participate.

2) An introductory post is encouraged, but by no means required. Also, please take a few minutes to fill out the community get-together survey: http://community.livejournal.com/runescape_lgbt/2119.html

3) Language, icons, and topics: Try to keep them decently clean and work safe. If for whatever reason you're unsure about this, use an lj cut. The topics should connect to Runescape or at the very least, be for the ears of fellow Runescapers. In the case of long posts or large pictures, again, please use the almighty livejournal cut.

Topics that will be deleted with or without notice: posts trying to find a gf/bf within the community, hate posts, and spam. Topics that will be up for review: advertisements for other communities, posts that don't seem to relate.

4) Any member may organize events. Just keep the basic community and Runescape rules in mind as you do so.

5) Don't brag about breaking any of the Jagex rules and please don't encourage others to do so.

Any and all Runescape images and logos belong to Jagex. They are used here for non-profit purposes only.

Creator and maintainer from 6/8/2006 to 10/20/2007: two_of_wands

Maintainer beginning 10/20/2007: _iamme_